Thursday, January 8, 2009

silence is violence

many of us have been touched by violence. we have been victims, mourned the loss of victims, or watched in horror as others became victims. we have become numb to it all. we are raising a generation of warriors and we, as long term citizens are all veterans of that war, only the war never ceases to end. it just goes on and on. if it is to end, we must end it. we, as in every citizen of this amazing city must come together and bring about change. we must mentor our children, hold officials accountable, and we must have the courage to come forward and be witnesses. tomorrow, silence is violence is sponsoring events in several locations, including a memorial starting at noon at city hall. they are encouraging everyone to wear red in solidarity. i hope everyone makes this a priority and attends one of the several events. it is important that we not slip back into our old ways of allowing this level of violence to be commonplace. if the violence is to end, the peace must begin with us.

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