Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's all about chemistry

we used to joke that we had enough chemistry between us to blow up a science lab but that is more true than might at first be expected. when we fall in love, our dopamine levels increase. dopamine is the pleasure chemical. it is responsible for cravings, especially craving one's lost love. it is the addiction of love. it is also involved in drug addiction and partly responsible for why we crave our love like a fucking crack addict. another chemical responsible is serotonin. when we fall in love, our serotonin levels drop sharply. they can drop by up to 40% which is what is seen in ocd patients. this decrease in serotonin is the reason why we obsess on our lost love. it is why we cannot get them out of our head no matter how hard we try. it is why we drive by their house, hoping to get a glimpse of them on the sly and praying we won't see them with anyone else. it is also why we get drunk, fall down, put holes in our knees, and drunk dial to tell our loved one just how pathetic and lonely we are without them. amen! it is also why we can't sleep or eat. we are literally love sick. the dopamine is making us jones for the one that gave us the high, especially for sex with the one that gave us the high and the serotonin is turning us into hyper focused, sleepless maniacs who will say and do the most asinine things in order to get the person back. so i know what is wrong with me but i have no way of fixing it. chocolate ice cream only goes so far, despite the fact that chocolate impacts the part of your brain that heroin does and ice cream taps that area that sex does. i'm hopeless. at the risk of sounding redundant, she's all i can think about and all i want is for her to come back to me. if anybody wants me, i'll be the fat cat in the ice cream section of the store, lapping it up and getting wider. oh, and baby if you are reading this, don't forget to click on the ads so i can get paid.

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