Thursday, January 29, 2009

stupid things i heard about hiv today

i was sitting in the united states of disturbia when i overheard a conversation where a woman proclaimed that hiv could live outside the body for days. wow. i was not aware that hiv was the andromeda strain, able to burn its way through the hull of a ship. my friend informed me that hiv, when exposed to the light of our yellow sun is actually endowed with super powers and thus able to perform all manner of outlandish acts. who knew? another friend told me about a gentleman who believes that it can be transmitted by a dog licking a person infected with the virus and then licking a non infected person. hell, my parents believe that you can catch it by being around someone who has know shaking their hand, eating food prepared by them. hey ripley, forget the aliens, hiv truly is the monster worth setting the self destruct over. but seriously, it is appalling that people still harbor such antiquated notions about this disease and little wonder that those suffering from hiv keep their secret well hidden. there are still those who refuse to rent to someone who is positive. there are some employers that refuse to hire an hiv positive person. and this, all in the face of medical science. small minds. small fucking minds.


CrookedCharisma said...

Spoke: I say this understanding that you know this, but have to reiterate, people are stupid. I myself may not know as much about literature as I would like, nor grammar for that matter, but I am not stupid. Those people are kick-backs to an age that we are all quickly leaving behind. SO let them live in their world of a flat planet, we are the Magellans of our new world.

Bigezbear said...

"... let them live in their world of a flat planet ..."

I had a choice? Nobody told me I had a choice. Replay! Replay!

Bananahead said...

If only common sense was actually common :)

Thanks for the comment, I've added you to my blog reader so I can keep up!