Monday, January 12, 2009

fuck bush
after watching bush's final news conference as president, i have come to the conclusion that the old man is drinking again. i think the last eight years have taken their toll and he is hitting the sauce. perhaps he actually believes that the federal response was both timely and appropriate for the disaster. he said that 30,000 were pulled from their rooftops...i'm curious as to where he got that statistic. i think that number is a bit inflated. there is just zero justification to his statement. bush did not even leave his vacation until the wednesday following katrina. it is bullshit! it is offensive to all who live in this region. it is disgusting and indefensible. the federal response continues to be slow. there are still people unable to repair their homes, which means there are still people homeless. i guess if you are bush and preparing to make the move from the white house into your ultra exclusive and wealthy texas gated community, you are a bit removed from the trials and travails of those still wrestling with the damn road home money. mr. bush, let me just say that i am not sad to see you go and i'll be damned if i won't drink to that!

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