Sunday, January 25, 2009

something beautiful

there is something beautiful about the way we sing our dead off here in the city of new orleans. and so it was with wendy's second line memorial. there was the horse and carriage. the brass band. the umbrellas and a sea of red and black. there were also photographers, various news agencies, and gawking tourists. i resisted the urge to tell the tourists that we did not march for fun, we marched in memory of wendy. wendy was from california and i am glad that her family was able to see just how loved she was here in her adopted city. i am sorry that they will never again think of this amazing place without feeling the pain of what they lost here. it seems so much has been lost here. we sat in the lantern after the memorial and raised our shot glasses of jaeger in honor of wendy. i never knew how she could drink that stuff. here is to you wendy and to all our loved ones lost on the new orleans' streets to violence. you will all be missed and we are poorer for your passing.


Sam said...

Hey Hon:
They are still in our hearts.

CrookedCharisma said...