Monday, January 26, 2009

what the fuck is going on??

so my friend, who lives uptown, woke up to find some strange man in her bedroom. he had bloody hands, so i guess he smashed the window to get in. she told him to leave and he finally did, so thank god this story had a happy ending. what the fuck is going on around here??? there have been a series of break-ins and/or attacks in the mid city area. and now this, on top of another friend getting killed. if the police won't do anything about the crime, perhaps they would consider passing out flak jackets and weapons so we can all protect ourselves. it is out the fucking box. i'm sick of it. i'm sick of hearing that someone i know has been raped, mugged, broken in on, assaulted, or shot and killed. i'm sick of the gunfire that you hear throughout this city, not just in the so called bad areas. hell, where is the demarcation line between the good and bad areas in new orleans anymore? i'm tired of looking over my shoulder when i walk the quarter alone at night, even though i am careful to avoid the other side of bourbon. i'm tired of being scared at night when i bike home lest a couple of kids jump me like last time. i'm exhausted over having to fend off crazy, drunk homeless people from my tours. jesus! enough already. i want some fucking accountability and i want it now. i want riley's fucking head on the proverbial stick. fuck you riley! fuck you for blaming everything else but the actions of your police department. you know what? we know the educational system sucks here but that is not your job, so stop bitching and do your job. is it really a police presence when cops sit in coffee shops for hours on end? NO and let me just say again for clarity's sake, NO. sure, their radios will let them know that a crime is in progress or over but what about deterring it in the first place? and don't cry that there are not enough police to go around. we have plenty of police and the damn national guard. my god if you can't get it right under these circumstances, then maybe you are an idiot that will never get it right. step down. we need another police chief. i propose that we take one day out of the week where no one goes to work. instead we all march on city hall and demand riley's resignation. i mean from the cooks to the bus drivers. from the cabbies to the bartenders. from the tour guides to the construction workers. let's shut this city down for one day in an act of civil disobedience to show the higher ups that we won't live this way. we want an end to the fucking war. if you read this pass it along. let's get this going. the life you save may be your own.