Monday, February 16, 2009

it is a new day.

it is almost spring and that means it is time for some emotional house cleaning. i swear there is something wrong with me that makes people think that i will just take heaps of steaming shit dumped all on me, smile and ask for more. it is going to stop or i will start cutting away at the cancerous growths in my life. so, attention for all those in my life that demand more than they give, you are now on notice!! i am soon to be 38 and i will do whatever the fuck i want to do. i will fuck who i choose and if i do not choose you, then it is none of your business. i will go where i want. i will set this fucking town on fire and have a great time doing it. so, you can either pull out the matches and have fun with me or go to fucking hell. your choice. i don't care what you decide but i will no longer be brought low by childish bullshit. i am smart. i'm funny. i'm talented. and i can accomplish anything i fucking want to accomplish. so get mad at me if i'm not that into you and do not want to date you. fuck off for rubbing it in my face that you are going to europe. trust me, you will see me there!! screw you for bringing your strung out meth addicted ass to my house. fuck off dumb frat boys that interrupt my tours. go to hell stupid fucking drama addicted women who lie about their husbands and wreak havoc where ever they go. it is a new day and a new me. you can either like it or fucking leave. spoke the cat has just quit caring.

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