Tuesday, February 17, 2009

jindal gets new orleans jilted

jindal signed the science education act in 2008. this allows more freedom in the class rooms for so called alternative interpretations of evolution, cloning, and global warming. the act further gives local school boards enormous power when it comes to rejecting class room materials as well as approving them. this allows for non scientific theories such as intelligent design to seed the curriculum. it is nothing more than a way for the christian right to infiltrate the public school system. it violates the separation of church and state. jindal refused to veto the act, signing it into law instead. that decision has come back to haunt new orleans. the society for integrative and comparative biology informed the jindal administration that they would not be holding their convention in new orleans, in large part because of the this act. i have said this before, i have no problem with a politician holding certain religious beliefs as long as they keep them out of the public arena. jindal is something of a rabid religious man and he allowed his own personal beliefs in intelligent design to cloud his judgment. this is a travesty. your beliefs should not usurp my own especially when my tax dollars are helping to fund the public school system. and now, those beliefs are costing new orleans an untold infusion of cash, at a critical time in our recovery. i am angered and appalled over this situation. make some noise my fellow louisianians. make sure jindal hears your protests. nothing gets accomplished by passively observing.

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