Thursday, August 14, 2008

danziger 7

it is a damn shame when our police officers can shoot someone in the back several times and get away with it. my god! there is something wrong here. there is something broken. the murder rate is soaring and yet i am more afraid of the police than i am of my neighborhood drug dealers. i used to call the police about the dealing until they pushed me up against my own house and threatened to arrest me. i used to call the police until they told the drug dealers that i was the one that called them. i love those new nopd commercials that are so slick because i think what a fucking beautiful piece of propaganda! such bull shit. and now another beautiful person is gone, the victim of our broken society. do you remember when we all marched on city hall? we were fed up. we were sick of the violence. we were tired of the blood in our streets. horrified by the images in our heads. well how many bodies later is it?? how many more murders have there been? and we have all settled back into our complacency, myself included. fuck. this city is broken. this fucking city is broken. and all we get for our trouble are platitudes the comforting knowledge that the police can shoot you in the back and walk away clean.

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