Wednesday, August 27, 2008


the anniversary of katrina is this friday, not that i need to remind anyone in new orleans of that fact. i've been thinking a lot about those blacked out days and weeks following the storm. how in the middle of all that destruction you could see the beauty of the milky way shimmering over head. and there is always something to hang onto even in the bleakest of moments. despite the heat, mosquitoes, corpse flies, french whore baby wipe baths, meals-ready-to-eat, loneliness, and depression there were the people. the people of new orleans right there with you, sticking it out and helping you get through it every step of the way. i am grateful for the people of new orleans. i am grateful for a bar called "the john" because it saved my sanity when i thought i might come undone. thank you for all thos candle lit hours of warm beer, good company, and sing alongs. thank you to the bartender sue. god bless sue. she lived in algiers and had gas and electricity before we did and she would cook before every shift and bring in hot meals for us all. she didn't have to do that but she did and she is an angel for it. i am grateful for hot water after so many freezing showers. i am grateful for indoor plumbing. i always be. i am grateful for new orleans. i am grateful to live here. i will always be grateful to live here.

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