Friday, August 29, 2008

nash roberts

ok. i heard that nash roberts is predicting gustav to go into texas. i don't know if this is true or not but it is damn sure reassuring. nash is like the yoda of weather predictions and so i am going to go with that notion because it makes me feel better. besides, i had my freak out moment last night and consumed far too much alcohol and so today i have gone dry. no more drinking. no more freaking. no more of this bullshit. it is suppose to be decadence where we roll in the oh so generous dough of gay men. i am far too broke for this bullshit. plus, my truck died. you really7 just have to laugh at that. so i am raising my vitamin water into the air to drink to gustav going anywhere but here. i am also drinking to nash roberts and amy jett's gut feeling that this is not coming here. say it with me...gustav is not coming here. it is not coming here. lalalala.

1 comment:

amyjett said...

i told you it wasn't coming here.
too bad my gut couldn't stop me from going dead broke on evac-ation.