Sunday, August 24, 2008

get that man a map!

when bush stooped to pay our great city a visit, he stood next to nagin and dripped praise upon our much beleaguered mayor, saying that he had done good by the people in this part of the world. what part of the world is that exactly mr. bush? are we in cuba? africa? central america? where the fuck is this part of the world exactly? no wonder it took the national government five days to get help here, no body in washington knew where they were going. gps anyone? dear mr. president, your undeserved praise of our mayor aside, we are new orleans. that is in louisiana. louisiana is a state in the united states of america. we are an actual state and not an american holding or isolated third world hot spot. you used to party here, remember? ok, well you might not remember partying here but my point is that we are americans, no matter how much you would like to dismiss us. get a map! i get that you didn't know where afghanistan was in the world prior to invading it...that happens to lots of people who sleep their way through geography class. but we are not half way around the world. we are in your own back yard. louisiana actually abuts the state of texas. you know texas. you claim to have been born and raised there, complete with fake southern accent to prove it. you own a ranch there where you spend your vacation days, more vacation days than any other president in fact. being so close to louisiana, you think you might have a clue as to where the hell new orleans is located. yep, don't mind us steaming down here in this part of the world, the wreck of our banana republic crumbling around our ears. pimm's cup anyone?

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