Tuesday, August 19, 2008

our city's finest

i went down to my district's police station to file a report on the assault in the hopes of getting more patrols in the area. instead the officer informed me that where the incident happened was out of their district. huh?? come again?? now i know damn well that it was not out of her district but she wasn't budging so i did as she instructed and went to the st. claude police station. this is not going to end well. once there, the officer refused to file a report because their jurisdiction ends at elysian fields and she directed me to the police station that i had already been to. huh?? omg!!! this is why no one ever files a police report or why they don't trust the nopd...wait, oh i remember now, that stands for "not my problem dude." indeed. i am convinced that this is how they keep the crime stats lower than we ALL know they are. half of the shit that we hear about is only because concerned citizens are telling other concerned citizens in the hopes of keeping each other safe. that's right folks, we cannot rely on the nopd for shit, so you better make nice with the neighbors because they just might save your life. take care everybody and don't forget to gear up like fucking mad max. it is one screwed up banana republic out there.

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Varg said...

The crime was a police matter. But now that you are having trouble reporting it, it is an issue your councilperson needs to know about.