Saturday, August 23, 2008

proud to live here

you know for all the problems new orleans has, it is the people that make it such a magical place. i'm so proud of everyone that turned out to protest the mayor's pathetic made up award. i wish more people would have turned out but damn, the ones that did really made up for the ones that didn't. there is something about a show of solidarity new orleans' style, a la clown masks and cocktails. yeh, we have crime. we have yet another inept police chief. we have a mayor that has quite literally lost his mind but this is still the best fucking city in the country. and i feel sorry for people who have never had the opportunity to live here. so people like rush limbaugh can yammer on about our faults all day long. the rest of the country can bash us or forget about us. bush can continue to refer to us as those people in that part of the world. we don't give a damn because we have each other. we have been through hell together and we are coming back together despite this country's government. new orleans is a miracle and we will not let it die so go mow your lawn in texas nagin and leave the recovery to us!

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