Wednesday, March 18, 2009


sometimes you can just tell when there is something off about the area in which you live. i came home tonight post-tour and there was no one on the street. it was eerily quiet and deserted. when i got out of the car, i remember thinking i should hurry inside because something didn't feel right. when i entered my house, my roommate asked me if i had said hello. i replied no. he swore he heard me say that as if i was already in the house. later there was strange whistling to be heard. we settled in to watch a movie and at some point we heard what sounded like gun shots, loud enough to make me think they were right outside the house. it is always hard to tell if what you are hearing is actually gunshots or firecrackers or a car back firing...etc. so, we waited and what we waited for was the reaction of others, because nothing draws a crowd like a shooting. the odd thing was, no one came out. the street stayed silent. we decided to go outside to investigate. a couple of people were on the street. my roommate thought he heard them say that some white people were riding around shooting and to get off the street, only i did not hear a car with the shots. i thought he said something about us being the white people and they should get off the street because we would call the police. i don't know but there is just an air of something strange and it is not yet dissipating. it may prove to have an interesting impact on my dreams.


Bigezbear said...

You know, somebody at the preview of "The Glass Menagerie" last night asked about the gunshot sound effect in the play and why I had put it in there. I thought the person was just weird until somebody else said she heard them, too. Can't go nowhere no more.

CrookedCharisma said...

Oh lord BigEZ. That is aweful! But we do want to hear about Spoke's date tonight as well :)