Friday, March 13, 2009

the trials and tribulations of being a tour guide

i spoke with another friend of mine who is a tour guide and his wednesday night tour was terrible. the majority of the group was excessively intoxicated, to the point that many of them repeatedly referred to him as "tour boy." Again, i must ask the question of why would you pay for a tour that you are too drunk to appreciate and then be derogatory towards the poor bastard that got stuck dragging your ass around the french quarter? i will take a sour old woman any day over that kind of bullshit!! still, as i said before, there are worse jobs to have. i cannot imagine dragging myself day in and day out to some cramped cubicle, cut off from sunlight and lit by harsh fluorescent lights, where i must toil at a computer screen all day long. so, despite the madness that sometimes accompanies a tour, i am grateful to have such a job.


CrookedCharisma said...

I am also thinking of slinging coffee being a bad job...hehee

spoke the cat said...

oh indeed!