Tuesday, March 31, 2009

john labruzzo is at it again

clearly john labruzzo takes his cues from nagin, in that he seems incapable of self-censorship. his latest antics have him calling for the drug testing of welfare recipients. i think labruzzo needs a refresher course in constitutional law. this is an illegal body search without a warrant and lacking in probable cause. it, in fact, criminalizes poverty. if you are poor, you must be of the criminal element and therefor in abdication of your civil rights. yes, i agree that the welfare system needs to be over hauled but this is not the way to go about doing that. perhaps, we might start by paying people a decent living wage in this country, because it is impossible to live of minimum wage. you certainly cannot raise a family on it but then again, labruzzo would like to stop that from happening as well via forced sterilization of women on welfare. i guess only the wealthy deserve to breed and they never ever sink into the depths of criminality. i mean i cannot think of any wealthy ceo's that have looted tax payers of their hard earned cash, can you?? john labruzzo, you were elected in part to uphold the constitution not try to subvert it based on your own prejudices. since you seem unwilling to take that aspect of your civil duty seriously, then i think it is time you stepped down. we, the tax payers no longer require your services. thank you and hopefully you will not have to go on welfare once you lose your job because then we would have to drug test you and sterilize your wife. thanks for playing along, we have some nice parting gifts.

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