Wednesday, March 25, 2009

upping the butch factor

i just bought a new truck...well, new to me. it is a 2007 ford f150 xl and considerably bigger than my last truck, making it a decidedly butcher buy. it would catapult me into a whole new butch bracket so to speak, were it not for the fear that i will in no way, shape, or form be able to park the thing. they take your toaster away for less than that. it is a great truck though. the ride is incredibly smooth and it handles like a dream. there is no carpet, making it dog hair proof and i am happily spoiled with air condition, a rear view mirror, a front bumper, and windshield wipers that work! plus, there is a lot more room and it comforts me as being far more reliable during storm season. so wave, if you see me taking 30 plus minutes to park the beast but don't help just makes me nervous.

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