Sunday, March 15, 2009

i think maybe i need a vacation

perhaps some time away might be restorative. i could stroll the beach, deeply inhale the salt air, and feel the tension melt away. i need to do something because tonight, i threatened to "break" a man's "motherfucking legs" if he did not leave my tour guests alone. now in all fairness to me, this man has constantly harassed my tours even after i threatened to call the police so he fucking had it coming. i might also point out that i was brandishing my umbrella at the time. hmm, that sounds a bit cracked doesn't it? yes, a little get away would be nice. i'm sure i could regain some composure along the gulf of mexico.

1 comment:

Bananahead said...

Sounds like you hit your breaking point :)
I hope you get to have your time away!