Thursday, October 30, 2008

as long as we are on the topic

approximately 10,000 years ago ancestors of arabs built the city of jericho, located on the fabled west bank. during world war two, the holocaust occurred. in 1947, the united nations recommended that palestine be "provisionally partitioned" into an arab and jewish state. at the time, arabs out numbered jews in palestine and even though jews owned only 7%, they were granted 55%. now, imagine if you will that the u.s government suddenly came into louisiana and partitioned it up into a louisiana and texas state. do you think there would be some out cry? would you be a little upset if the land you lived on suddenly belonged to texas and you had to get off of it? if you are the new state of israel and you want to get rid of the palestinians, what do you do? how about good old fashioned ethnic cleansing? after all, they were taught by the masters, a la the nazis. in april of 1948, "zionist terror squads massacred 254 palestinians in the village of deir yassin." this included women and children, as well as the old and sick. this prompted nearly half a million palestinians to flee. shortly there after, israel declared itself a country. i could go on. the list of atrocities is very long. if these actions had been perpetrated by anyone other than israel, they would be considered a rogue terrorist state. instead, we annually funnel massive amounts of money into their coffers and they never pay it back. we obsequiously back their every endeavor at the expense of our own reputation among arabs everywhere. terrorists are NOT born, they ARE made. muslims do not spring forth from the womb with explosives strapped to their chest, chanting anti-american slogans. our refusal to hold israel accountable for their atrocities has stoked the fires of terrorism. i am in no way, shape or form advocating terrorism, but we have helped to make terrorists. we continue to make them by invading a sovereign country and bogging ourselves down in an the mire of iraq. terrorism is a horrible thing to engage in but if we want to break the cycle, perhaps we should stop perpetuating terrorism ourselves and stop rewarding others for their use of it.

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