Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mccain, you have a responsibility

i am a staunch advocate of freedom of speech. yes, you have the right to spew hate and subtly juxtapose elements to guilt people by association. mccain and palin have the freedom to link obama to terrorists by associating him with ayers. they have that right but they also have a responsibility as to the consequences of their words. it is telling when mccain/palin supporters are screaming out "terrorist", "traitor", "kill him", and racial slurs in reference to obama at their rallies. mccain and palin are stoking the fires and it is a very dangerous game to play. yes, obama knows ayers. they have worked together on projects BUT so have numerous other democrats and republicans alike. ayers was a member of the weather underground, and anti-vietnam group that engaged in a series of bombings. does that make ayers a domestic terrorist? yes, at least at one time. but keep in mind these actions were carried out when obama was eight years old. when palin repeatedly links obama to ayers by saying that he "pals around with terrorists", she uses the plural and makes a subtle connection to obama and all terrorists, such as muslim extremists. obama becomes guilty by association to the very ones that committed the 9/11 acts. she follows it up by saying that obama does not see america as we see america. again, the juxtaposition would indicate that he seeks to undermine the country the way a terrorist might. and at rallies for her, the people respond with hate. this is a woman, who interestingly enough chose to quote westbrook pegler during her convention speech. pegler was a racist, anti-semite who openly advocated the assassinations of fdr and bobby kennedy. it seems an odd person to quote especially when there is fear for obama's safety. and what is palin doing at these rallies when people are screaming out kill obama or other slurs? NOTHING. she is doing nothing. tell me palin, is that the kind of rhetoric that your god appreciates. you have a responsibility to address that. you have a responsibility not to stoke the fires of hatred. mccain and palin can go on playing this game but as i have said earlier, there are always consequences. i just hope for obama's sake, he doesn't have to pay for them.

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