Sunday, October 19, 2008

palin's church and witch hunting

I was hanged for living alone
for having blue eyes and a sunburned skin,
tattered skirts, few buttons,
a weedy farm in my own name,
and a surefire cure for warts;

Oh yes, and breasts,
Whenever there’s talk of demons
these come in handy.
--Margaret Atwood

before becoming governor of alaska, palin was annointed by thomas muthee, a visiting pastor from kenya. muthee has made a name for himself in kenya by targeting a woman and accusing her of witch craft. the woman was forced to flee her home under threat of being stoned to death. do you know what they do to witches in kenya? they burn them. think about the horror of that for just a second. contemplate the slow agony of being tied to a stake while brittle branches are stacked about you and then lit. no escape. the unbearable pain of the flames and the stench of your own flesh burning. does it turn your stomach? it should, unless of course you belong to palin's wasilla assembly of god and then it is the lord's will. how many people were accused of witch craft through out the years, simply because they were different? is it too far into the past to recall the frenzy of salem? is this the kind of association we want our vice president to have? much has been made of obama's ex-pastor but the media seems struck with muteness when it comes to palin. to accuse someone of witch craft in kenya is to stoke up the flames of extremism, fear, hatred, and eventually murder. they BURN witches in kenya. this man, muthee made a name for himself by accusing a woman of witch craft and he then laid hands on palin in prayer for her ascension to the governor's office. palin called the experience "awsome"and said muthee was "bold." this is a man that creates a frenzy of fear in a country where the consequences of that kind of behavior can lead to the deaths of the accused and palin's church sanctions this as god's will. kalnins, the pastor at the church has condemned all critics of bush to hell fire. he says we are in a "spiritual war" and that christ has called us to "die for him." does that sound familiar? because that is what muslim extremists believe that allah has called them to do. kalnins says, " we should be in war mode." the wasilla church is a part of the third wave which trains young people in so called "jesus camps" to become part of "joel's army" in order to wreak "dominion" over the u.s and the world. they are taught to be soldiers. where is christ's message of peace? where was christ's message of peace when muthee was exciting the masses to threaten that woman with stoning? palin is a scary bitch that needs to be kept as far away from political office as is possible and certainly barred from the white house and the nuclear codes. GO VOTE!! it is fucking critical that we vote this year. this type of religiously motivated world view has no place in american politics. period.

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