Friday, October 17, 2008

did someone say palling around with terrorists?

if you live in a glass house and start hurling rocks, you best grab your ass and kiss it good bye because some of those rocks are bound to come flying back. mccain and palin have been trying hard to paint obama as a terrorist by association in regards to his relationship with ayers, a member of a radical fringe group in the 1960's. when you start making accusations like that, it just makes people wonder what kind of skeletons are two-stepping in your own closet. well, mccain certainly has some. from 1981 to possibly 1986, mccain was involved with a group known as the u.s council for world freedom and its affiliate organization, the anti-communists league. he went so far as to serve on the board of the world freedom group. these are far-right organizations that have been "implicated in the iran-contra affair, linked to neo-nazi death squads in latin america, and was bankrolled by the leader of the unification church who served time for tax evasion." in 1981, the anti-defamation league said these organizations were gathering places for extremists, racists, and anti-semites. do you know what another word for extremist is? it is terrorist. so john mccain, it seems to me that you have been palling around with terrorists and that, by you own rules, makes you GUILTY by association. so spoke the cat says, go fuck yourself.

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