Monday, October 13, 2008

palin and office abuses

palin is now coming under some scrutiny for charging the alaskan tax payers for religious trips, blurring the line between the separation of church and state. i have long lamented that many of our politicians forget this key component of our constitution by allowing their religious beliefs to influence their legislative record. i really do not care what your beliefs are as long as you keep them out of your public service record, which means that you cannot vote to disenfranchise american citizens simply because you think god hates fags. you also cannot expect the tax payers to foot the bill so you can enjoy religiously motivated outings. palin's brand of religion is frightening because she believes that we are living in the end times and that has a way of becoming a terrible self-fulfilling prophecy. it is also one of the reasons that she is so reticent to question the motives of israel, the so called chosen people of god. this also motivates her in regards to russia. many subscribers to the end time prophecies have labeled russia as magog in the bible and they help usher in the battle of armageddon. these zealots will do anything to accelerate the end of the world and that kind of blind devotion has no place in the white house. our forefathers were very clear on the separation of church and state. vote for obama and vote for the constitution.

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