Thursday, October 30, 2008

much ado about nothing

mccain is now trying to link obama to rashid khalidi in yet another lame attempt to taint obama as a terrorist by association. enough already! mccain, you are pathetically desperate and you need to shut the fuck up. this article of obama speaking at a banquette with khalidi was reported by the los angeles times way back in april, so why now mccain? is it because the presidency is slipping away from you? who is khalidi anyway that he should stir such controversy? well, for starters, he is a respected middle east expert and professor at columbia university. he is so well respected that his books on u.s policy in the middle east are actually required reading for senior officials in the u.s government, the bush administration included. hmm, that really doesn't sound like a big bad terrorist to me. also, i would like to point out mccain's ties to khalidi, whom he likened to a neo-nazi(cuz we all know how neo-nazis love black men). while mccain was serving as chairman of the international republican institute in the 90's, khalidi's palestinian research center was well funded by the institute. hmm, did mccain think him a neo-nazi then? maybe, he has had ties with neo-nazis before. the other controversy surrounding this banquette was that a young palestinian recited a poem in which he criticized israeli terrorism and called westbank zionists no better than osama bin laden. here in this country, anything but blind devotion to israel is heresy but you might think differently if you were a palestinian. again, this constant attempt by mccain to link obama to terrorists has consequences. it instills fear in people and could incite someone to action in the form of an assassination attempt. so spoke the cat says that mccain really should just shut the fucking fuck up!

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