Sunday, October 12, 2008

on the dissolution of my relationship

it is hard to walk away from someone that i have loved so intensely for so long. it is the addiction of love and like a wise friend once said, we have all been the junkie and we have all been the junk. leaving is the hardest thing even when it is the right course of action. i have been so accustomed to calling her and telling her about my day that i am at a loss for where to go with stories. and every great thing, i want to share with her. and every beautiful thing, i want to give to her. at first there was anger but after that cools, the sadness sets in and that is a harder thing to shake. one foot in front of the other. don't over think. don't over complicate but it is complicated. relationships always are and i cannot believe that she will vanish from my life. simply vanish as though there were never intimate moments and words whispered between lovers. i think it is the ghost of her that will keep me awake for so long to come.

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