Friday, October 3, 2008

why can't sarah palin tell me what she is reading and other questions i shouldn't have to ask.

in the katie couric interview, when asked what reading material palin perused in order to keep on current affairs, palin seemed stumped for an answer. rest assured, she wanted couric to know that she is reading many things and is abreast of world events. couric again asked her to name something specific and again, palin seemed to be at a loss. three times, couric asked her and three times, palin was unable to provide one single specific example. really? because if you ask me what i read to be on top of current events, i can list specific items. i read the local paper. i go the bbc online and read. i read the drudge report and moody's economy. why is it that palin cannot tell me what she is reading? is it because she doesn't read? is it because she can't read? you will forgive me for being a bit flippant but honestly, at this point you have to ask. why is it that the american people seem to want to embrace this fake populist, rube persona in our politicians? don't we want our political leaders to be bright little light bulbs? if i interview someone for a job, i want that person to be intellectually capable of handling the tasks set before him. most employers would agree, so why then, do we not hold our political leaders to the same standards? bush is a perfect example. he slouches across the lectern like some tobacco road back woods farmer, claiming to hail from crawford, texas; a town he helped create in order to win the governor's race, in a grand spectacle to present himself as a "simple" man of the people. and all others, by default are elitist snobs, a la obama. this is not new. andrew jackson pulled this same stunt when running against adams. jackson was just one of the people who never learned to spell, whereas adams, a highly educated man was branded an elitist. damn but i want my president to be the sharpest knife in the drawer or pretty close to it. i don't want homilies. i want knowledge. knowledge of current events and diplomacy. and yes mccain, i want my president to be versed on economics, especially when our economy is sliding into a depression. don't say catchy little phrases like "joe sixpack" to me, rather prove to me that your foreign policy experience goes beyond being able to see russia from your backyard. and for all things holy, be able to name at least one damn thing you are reading, even if it's mad magazine.

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