Friday, September 5, 2008


they shut the french quarter down last night at midnight. omg. really? what, i ask you, helps the city recover? could it be businesses up and running and making money? yep, i think that just might be the case. why in hell then would you shut those businesses down? never mind that it is illegal to invoke a curfew, it is just plain stupid. nagin, are you drinking? it is not the government's job to treat us as children. we know how to survive. thank god that we dodged a bullet so let us as citizens do our job to get the city back up and running. lift the damn curfew!! do not make us threaten civil disobedience by sitting down and locking hands. are you going to arrest the entire city you fucking dumb ass? WE are new orleans!! you are not. we are. we are the ones that stuck it out when the world as this city knew it ended. we are the ones that cleaned our neighborhoods up, surviving the solitude, blackness, and silence. we are the ones that gutted each other's houses. we opened the businesses. we welcomed back the tourists. we played shrink for each other. we are the back bone of new orleans. take us away and all you have is an ego-maniacal mayor of NOTHING. lift the fucking curfew so we can all get back to fucking normal you stupid fucking fuck.

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