Thursday, September 4, 2008

getting back to normal

i am back in my house. i now have electricity and internet. things are getting back to normal fairly quickly. grocery stores and gas stations are opening up, more every hour. i even had coffee at mojo's uptown. damn it is good to be home. the saints will be playing in the superdome this sunday and i hope that helps to usher in the return of tourists. hopefully the rest of the country has been watching and see that we learned some valuable lessons post-katrina and are once again open for business. hell, i think i saw tourists in the quarter already. i feel confident that this will not set back our "season" and that we will start to see more and more people visiting so we can all make some cash. i don't know about yall but i'm a bit strapped. it is a shame that storms come during the financial doldrums of summer. here is to better days.

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