Wednesday, September 17, 2008


since hillary began her historic run for president, there has been much use of the word sexism. and just like everyone else in america, spoke has an opinion. i think hillary was capable, competent, intelligent if somewhat confrontational. i think america is not yet ready for a female that possesses those attributes to break through the ultimate glass ceiling. for those of you that think me cynical, well, i give you sarah palin. she is everything hillary is not. she is not capable, competent, or intelligent and yet suddenly, she is the darling of the country. she is a stepford wife. the perfect female as created by a sexist male. she is a former beauty queen runner-up, clad in cute little suits that women all over the country are now pining after, and she gets her foreign policy expertise from the fact that she can see russia from alaska. in other words, she is the stereotypical blond masquerading as a brunette. she is cute, perky, dumb as a box of hammers and perfectly obsequious to the big strong war hero, john mccain. my god, she has all the makings of a very dirty porn movie. consequently she has not suffered the ire that hillary did. there were even hillary nut crackers and if that's not sexist, then i don't know what is. it galls me that there are people even considering electing a fucking vapid cheerleader to office of vice president especially when she is paired with a man old enough to potentially die in office. i would love to see a female in the oval office but only a qualified one. not all women are created equal. palin does not even represent the interests of most women in this country. she is pro-life, even in cases of rape and incest. she has no experience to lead this nation. she hasn't the intellectual capabilities. it sickens me that palin is the woman that this country chooses to embrace. yeh, that is sexist.

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