Wednesday, September 24, 2008

heil labruzzo

representative john labruzzo, a republican(imagine that)is formulating a plan that would pay poor women a thousand dollars if they get their fallopian tubes tied. what a crock of shit. that is basically telling every little girl that was born into unfortunate circumstances, that we don't think much of your abilities to go anywhere in the world and we just don't want you to breed any more losers. and while we are at it, perhaps we will restructure the educational system to look just like china's and if you can't pass a certain test then you get to work in the mines for the rest of your life. yea. it cost anywhere from 1,500 to 6,000(vasectomies are cheaper) to have one's tubes tied and if we want to play labruzzo's money game, this is a cost that the average tax payer will bear. in addition, this does not factor in the fact that sterilization does not prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and the cost to pay for potentially long term health care, food stamps(when they can no longer work), and public housing really does not save the tax payer any burdens in the future. at the very least, it adds the cost of the sterilizations. labruzzo is also considering tax breaks for wealthy, educated families as an incentive for them to have more children. and does he want them all to be blond hair, blue eyed children? i'm beginning to wonder. this sends the message to every child who happens to be born into favorable circumstances that you are somehow better than those around you, entitled as it were. and we wonder why only one percent has all the money. labruzzo, by the way, pushed for the legislative pay increase. perhaps he is thinking of reproducing again. also, sometimes the tubes reconnect causing ectopic pregnancy, which puts the mother's life at risk, thus opening the door to the dreaded potential abortion. we know how republicans love abortions. why must we do everything backwards? perhaps if the republicans would allow us to start having age appropriate sex education in our schools, which includes distributing condoms, we might reverse the unfortunate rate of children having children. clearly the abstinence policy is working. hey labruzzo...spoke says shut the fuck up, go have a vasectomy before you breed again!

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