Wednesday, September 3, 2008


it was a lot faster coming home from tuscaloosa, alabama than it was getting there. thanks to chris and mark who put up the new orleans' refugees.. i'm glad to be back. i'm glad i can be back and that the levees held. thank god!! i'm still exhausted and a little loopy but i hope to be better soon. i don't have power at my house over in the new marigny, so i am staying up town where power seems sporadic but more wide spread. we came in on i-10 west bound over the twinspans and met no resistance. there were no checkpoints visible. there is a dusk until dawn curfew but i am perplexed at the probability of enforcing that when the official opening of the city is at midnight tonight. hmm. does anyone else thing nagin is drinking?? plenty of places are up and running in the quarter. matassa's is open. flannigan's is open. jager haus on conti is open. mojo coffee shop is open on race and magazine. jaun's flying burrito is serving. etc.. there are some gas stations open, just be mindful that they are few and far between and it is best to top off before entering the city. welcome home everybody. there are some lessons to be learned here and we will be disussing them in the future but for now, i'm pretty pleased with how things were handled. i will give credit where credit is due.

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