Sunday, September 14, 2008

off shore drilling

in the wake of ike, there are two oil rigs adrift in the gulf of mexico and who says off shore drilling isn't safe? can we have a little forethought from our politicians please! now is the time to be funneling our energy and resources into the developement of alternative fuel sources instead of relying on the same tired practices. i swear it is difficult to see how we are actually evolving. and you can't even blame this on the republicans alone, when so many democrats are now on board with more off shore drilling, such as our own mary landreau. the more time we spend extracting oil, the less time we have to develope more environmentally friendly fuels. this of course means that the planet continues to be polluted at an alarming rate, heating up the atmosphere, thus creating more frequent and stronger storms that enter the gulf, causing more oil rigs to cut loose and drift. do you see my point here? we are like a dog chasing its tail, we never get anywhere. i have an idea...spoke for president anyone?

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