Saturday, September 20, 2008

palin and hunting

i grew up in the backwoods of georgia where the culture of hunting is rabidly embraced. i, myself have engaged in the activity from time to time. so let me make myself clear, there is nothing wrong with hunting as long as it is gone about in the right way. hunting should not be for sport. it should be for food. the goal is to kill the animal quickly so that is suffers as little as possible. and when hunting, appropriate fire arms should be used. you should not drink or use other drugs while hunting. safety should be of the utmost concern. i am a meat eater and as such i have often found it ridiculous when other meat eaters have decried hunting. just because you don't kill it by your own hands does not mean you are some how absolved of its killing when you chow down on your double decker cheeseburger. having said all that, there are those individuals that take hunting to a whole new level.they are the ones that get decked out in cammo and face paint as though going off to war, despite the fact that most animals are color blind, and the often over looked prudence of having other hunters be able to easily spot you so you don't get a bullet in your head. to me, this is nothing more than little boys and girls playing dress up and war games. you are not rambo so get over it. the other thing i find disturbing is sitting in a deer stand in front of a baited field. picking off animals as they come out from hiding to eat really doesn't make you a good hunter. i don't understand hunting for sport. you should never kill an animal just because it was a saturday afternoon and you had nothing better to do. there should be an inherent respect for all life. period. and please spare the disgusting practice of mounting trophy heads on your wall. i cannot fathom why some hunters froth at the mouth over 12 point versus a 10 point buck. who cares? it does not matter how big the animal is because even the 12 point buck is going down when you shoot it. i might understand this a bit more if the hunter actually went into the ring with the animal in a man versus nature death match. then the size of the creature might be a bit more awe inspiring. the point of this lengthy diatribe is that there is a right way and a wrong to go about hunting. sarah palin is an advocate of aerial hunting of wolves. i find this practice sick and sadistic. it is damn near impossible to get off a good shot from the air and often times these poor creatures are left to die an agonizingly slow death somewhere. the hunter may never even retrieve the carcass. they are not hunting these animals for food. they are doing it for sport. there is no respect for life or for the role in nature that wolves play. they are an integral part of the food chain. remove them and you are often left with over population of moose, caribou, deer and other animals. over population leads to starvation and sickness, where in turn these animals die agonizingly slow deaths. i don't know...perhaps you are either born with compassion or you are not. it seems to be missing in palin. not only is she for the aerial hunting of wolves but she is against protecting the polar bear, which is now in danger because of global warming. she went so far as to lie about what an alaskan scientific study showed in regards to polar bears. she claimed it conflicted with a national study that polar bears were in trouble, when in fact, it did not. this is not the kind of person we want in office. a lack of respect for life, any life, scares the hell out of me especially when it is coming from someone who could potentially get the nuclear codes!!! i also find it troubling that palin is so easily prone to deceit in order to get what she wants. haven't we had enough of that from bush. can anyone say falsifying evidence for going to war with iraq? what makes you think mccain and palin won't do the same thing in regards to iran or georgia? they are so clearly not the right choice for this country. i say ENOUGH.

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