Friday, September 5, 2008

god must grow so weary

i think god must get so tired of everyone speaking for him. in the black days following katrina, there were many who said god was punishing new orleans for southern decadence, our gay mardi gras. funny, growing up in a religious household, i have heard many preachers and people of faith say, "who can know the mind of god?" yet so many people claim to know just that. i will say this, i find it fascinating that after katrina none of the southern decadence signs lining rampart street were damaged. hmm. when gustav was menacing the gulf coast, many republicans were commenting that this was a gift from god with which to redeem themselves in the wake of the pr nightmare post-katrina because how quickly people forget thos terrible images. i would love to say that it is only right wing, religious fanatics that invoke god's name but alas, i would be wrong. michael moore stated that gustav was proof that there is a god, because gustav menacing new orleans just as the republican national convention was getting underway would flatten their sails a bit. hmm. what kind of a god does michael moore worship? is he so cruel as to allow people to suffer yet again just so the republicans can have their thunder stolen? really? michael moore, i have enjoyed your movies in the past and so it is with regret that i say YOU are a fucking idiot!!! fuck you for sinking to that level as though you have any idea as to the mind of god. as though god champions the cause of democrats everywhere. and lets just say for sake of argument that god favors democrats, why then sink the liberal city of new orleans for a second time? we lived katrina. you did not. you and all those like you that judge from afar in your cushy little air conditioned dens of prosperity can go to hell. we are sick and tired of hearing how god hates new orleans. we are fed up to here with how god hates fags. let me tell the world something about that...god is love. there is an extreme shortage of love in the world and when two people find it, whether they be straight or gay, it is nothing less than a miracle. we are tired of being some pawn in everyone's political game. shut the fuck up!! you know what? storms happen. it is a FACT OF NATURE. if god were handing out disasters for our sins, he would have completely destroyed the planet centuries ago. and let me quote scripture, " let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." "judge not lest ye be judged." so stop dragging god out to further your political gains and just leave us alone for god's sake.

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