Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the epa said what?

the rocket fuel component known as perchlorate has been found in the drinking water at 395 sites across 35 states and the epa does not consider this to be a health risk. what? really? maybe i'm daft but i really don't want a cup of perchlorate with my morning coffee. it is a rocket fuel component. yum. in 2004, perchlorate also showed up in cow's milk, most likely from eating crops irrigated by contaminated water supplies. perchlorate prevents iodide uptake into the thyroid gland. the thyroid gland is important in that it helps regulate metabolism and hormones in adults. in children, it enables them to develop normally. the thyroid is one of the master glands. wreck it and you pretty much wreck everything. well, that doesn't sound at all important to me. good call by the epa. please! there have been allegations that the epa is bowing to pentagon and white house pressure. most of the perchlorate is thought to stem from the department of defense's missile/rocket tests. white house officials and pentagon brass fear that if the epa called for a clean up, the pentagon could potentially foot the bill for decontamination. oh if only the pentagon had to hold bake sales and our ground water was fit to drink. so in our present financial crisis, where the pentagon is feeling the pinch of two losing war fronts, we(the american people) will keep sucking down the perchlorate so the pentagon is not found liable for poisoning the damn drinking water. and once again, i stress that it really matters who you vote for this year.

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