Tuesday, September 2, 2008

we want in

people trying to return to new orleans are being turned away, only to then park their cars on the highway and wait to be let in because they have no money to turn around. i read this on nola.com and if this is true, it really is asinine. i'm not hearing any word from nagin as to this developing crisis. is this even legal, keeping people from returning to their homes if the situation is safe?? i understand this delay if things are unsafe but they are allowing business owners to return. the business owners, however are complaining that the fastest way to get up and running would be to get their workers back into the city. how do you do that mr. mayor?? you let us come home. just let us come home. we know the drill. we have been through this before. we are pretty sure we can handle it. i am heading back tomorrow in the hopes of sneaking in via fake press passes but i am hoping by tomorrow that nagin will come to his senses and open the city.

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