Saturday, September 13, 2008

palin and banning books

as of late i have been very focused on local politics but that is starting to shift the more i learn about palin. when she took office as mayor of wassilla, she approached the public librarian and asked her how she felt about the removal of some unspecified books due to content. the librarian replied that she was vigorously opposed. a very short time later, palin fired the librarian. hmm. i ask you is this the kind of person we want as the potential leader of the united states? as president, it is your job to uphold the constitution and freedom of speech is one of our more beloved rights. it galls me that palin dared to broach that topic, having been influenced by her religious beliefs and let me again stress that her beliefs are not my beliefs. has anyone heard of separation of church and state? i don't care what you think god is telling you because you do not have the constitutional right to enact legislation according to what you deem as god's will. it just gets better from there. she belonged to a church that claimed to be able to pray gays straight. wonderful. i belong to the church of tequila, where straight people are just shots away from being gay. can i get an amen?! and the hits just keep coming. when asked about her foreign policy experience, she said she picked that up because alaska is right next door to russia. what? remember my fellow voting citizens that this is a woman that will have access to the nuclear codes. those of you belonging to the clinton constituency, don't be fooled by the skirt. just like lady mcbeth, palin has long ago asked the powers that be to unsex her. trust me, i'll have more to say on this in the future.

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