Sunday, September 21, 2008


to be human is a fragile thing and it is strange to negotiate the land mines of life. one step and it all blows up in your face. i have made mistakes and just like the old time religions, i long to lay down in the river and let it wash me clean. i long to drown the proverbial old man and come up new. we all judge but we all sin too. what odd creatures we are, stuttering and sputtering our way through life. most of us are trying to do the right thing and it is a difficult dance with no knowledge of the future. you walk down one path to find it goes no where. you open a door to someone dangerous. you stay and the levees fail. you meet someone and down the road, another relationship unravels in pretty lines upon the floor. secrets. there are things you tell so tell them and the world will know. there are things you whisper but be careful who you whisper them to or the world will know. there are things that you keep locked away inside you behind well guarded walls but these too are dangers, cancers eating you from within. on a clear blue day, it seemed such an innocent thing to introduce them and who knew i opened the door to disaster. to go back further to meeting the one in the first place and all the actions that would have consequences over the other. and to wish you had never met the one that would destroy the other. she has a smile that brings me to my knees. humans, we are all haunted.

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